P1N Mission

The mission of the P1N Entertainment Center is to provide reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and affordable entertainment services, events and that focus on the short and long term needs and requirements of clients to whom we strive to provide full-quality and quality services and products.

P1N Vision

P1N's vision is to become a dynamic, modern and respected entertainment provider for the public and the B2B sector who wishes to provide benefits to its employees in the form of Relax zones or Play-rooms. At a later stage, with ever increasing clientele and increasing customer satisfaction. P1N development is focused on long-term clientele as well as cooperation with key partners and their satisfaction and increasing loyalty and satisfaction of B2B partners in providing benefits for employees. The vision and interest is to introduce a quality network of entertainment centers focusing on events, and playroom creation.


The main goals of the P1N entertainment center

  • Sustainable client satisfaction is the primary goal.
  • Long-term and ever-increasing economic success.
  • Continuously increasing the level of development of the P1N center.

Other P1N objectives

Increasing awareness of our products and services and increasing the motivation of the B2B sector about the benefits of introducing play-rooms and public interest in events.

Introducing a secure multi-use option to meet client requirements.

Providing entertainment center for specific segment of players and public for historical events and LARP with the possibility of Dungeons & Dragons event.

Despite the courage and ambition of goals, endeavors, enthusiasm, optimism, toughness, flexibility, strong faith and dedication to P1N's commitment to work in the short term, P1N will be able to be a strong, competitive entertainment center whose stability will be long-term all external key partners.