Service option Choices

D&D - Acting without spectators, where the actors are you. It's a connection with a board game, where the playing area is a diorama, as well as your imagination.

LARP - live role playing - Acting without spectators, the choice of characters depends on you, which one you choose.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to strengthen your team. We have prepared a lot of fun for you, which you can use as your organization’s TEAM BUILDING. They are prepared for organizations as well as anyone else who wants to immerse themselves in the world of fantasy and adventure, short and long expeditions and you can fully test your skills as individuals and as a team. You can use your managerial skills and choose your team to be coherent in performing tasks up to the very goal. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain knowledge about each other - you can get to know your team better than in the work environment and thus be more productive at work, as you will know what to expect from each other.

We have prepared hours of fun for you, which you can arrange with our Dungeon Masters. Great idea for CRAZY DAY events in TEAM BUILDING leisure company activities. 

Do you want to experience a unique story? Are you interested in surviving a story inspired by your favorite video game or fantasy story? Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to make a different decision than the hero in your favorite fantasy movie? With our Dungeons & Dragons II offers you can. Just send us a draft of a movie or a scene from a movie and video game and you can experience it yourself in a fantasy story inspired by your design in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons II.

1. D&D online- Stories are prepared for you in the online environment through the Discord application, where your story that you choose will be accompanied by specialized music from a great Swiss composer.

As well as customized images, to better visualize the environment where you are.

You communicate with your team (LIVE) in an online environment.

2. D&D LIVE - Stories in Ostrava Czech Republic are ready for you. Where you will experience the full-fledged fun of Dungeons and Dragons 2 in full deployment with the addition of dioramas for the physical visualization of the environment in the story.

3. LARP - Live role playing. We have prepared a horror story for you, which is inspired by the writer H. P. Lovecraft.

You will experience a story on your own, where the story depends on you. A selection of characters, costumes, props is ready for you.

It's a modern way of acting, where the actors are YOU, without the audience. All stories are in closed societies, just for you and your friends.

Come and get into someone else's skin without a script, and take full advantage of the fun. You can also buy handmade wooden paintings, hand-painted, engraved . They are also available for purchase online.

Pre-game information

For beginners, the best decision is to try it out


We have prepared one-shot stories that take 4 hours - just a single session. An excellent opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a fantasy universe. 
PRICE per hour is 4€ - per person