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The message Escape room Ostrava

If you like horror and riddles we have something just for you.  The Message is an online escape room you can experience at home with your friends, or on your own! Be prepared for creeps and cyphers to fill your time!  Not limited players of  Online escape room.

499.00 Kč 1,199.00 Kč

    We have worked hard for the past month to bring you something you can do while still staying at home and it is finally finished!

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    "HI, amazing work, beautiful details ... Great satisfaction ... I might accept a faster delivery to Slovakia, but it may be in connection with the current situation in the world. Eshop would be a good idea, you just click, throw in the basket and equipped ... But since you create custom wooden posters, so according to the customer's idea, it is logical that we must communicate so that there is satisfaction on both sides ... For me 100 points"

    Lenka Zadžorová


    "A very unique focus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and I absolutely welcome it. It is something that has been missing from the market for a long time and my experience is only positive. I recommend trying it out and see for yourself that they by no means lack imagination and creativity."

    FufuFrom Stoka 

    "Great fun. The games are adapted to 10 participants, but there was a hassle-free deal for 8 people because we didn't have enough participants. The selection of characters was great. Personally, none of them suited me, but it's a matter of taste. Nice environment of the tea house, although we had to be mostly in veils, but they were beautifully set in the story for the horror story. I recommend to everyone, great temabuilding events. For those who are afraid of acting, try it, you will not regret it."

    Karel Junga

    "Transparent webpage, and great targeting, this was missing here."

    Matej Lenčeš

    "Hi, I really like it, great satisfaction! I wish you a lot of success!"

    PhDr Alica Slávková, PhD

    "Dungeons and Dragons was great in P1N. They are super people with creative super stories and riddles. I recommend everyone to play dnd with them."

    Fajn ManMP