Artur Over (Cunning wandering bookworm)


He comes from very small town Wizzo

  • He is an average but interesting rogue and bookworm who does not even know about his power, wandering around the world.
  • His adventure actions are unknown and mysterious, as well as his own nature and armor, on which to see that he has no ability to wear it, nor does it fit him, and the coat of arms are an unknown family, an unknown region and a large ring doesn´t fit him.
  • He attaches great importance to his ingenuity and cunning, which is at the same time suspicious of everything he does and owns.
  • Coat of arms is covered with leather embroidery.

Character sheet

A playing card with the characteristics and features of the character. A helpful part, anyone who wants to embark on a dangerous, but at the same time adventurous journey.