Kruger Xor (Unchained slave)


His origin is unknown

  • He was a slave to a fighting tribe of dwarves, used for combat and crushing force against enemies.
  • Trained to kill everything alive.
  • Unbreakable taste for chaos and destruction.
  • In an uncontrolled war with people, he gets lost in the woods and wanders, looking for a livelihood and money.
  • He has a face with a lot of scars as well as a whole body
  • Fresh wounds all over the body.
  • Back all over from whip scars.
  • Legs like stone - crushing force of trampling (-3 discount on exhaustion)

Character sheet

A playing card with the characteristics and features of the character. A helpful part, anyone who wants to embark on a dangerous, but at the same time adventurous journey.