Lil Pain (Talented Cunjurer and Fria)


She come from small settlement Drave

She was very lucky that her parents were more progressive in their views and they saw her talent that she was smart and highly associated with magic.They spent all their asset to get her to the School of magic, on the other continent.

- She left school before graduating, as rumors began to spread that she had an affair with a school professor.

- She is very talented and educated. She masters magic like few others, even at a young age.

- She has already met many people and magical creatures, where she also met her friend Fria, which is quite conspicuous and quarrelsome and insults passers-by.

- She keeps thinking about school, but she has heard that strange things are happening there in the School management, and that the kingdom of the people also has a great influence on it.

Lil Pain
Lil Pain

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