Natasha Fewi (Great Diplomat with Eagle Hurín)


Her origin is unknown

Age: Unknown

  • She speaks very strictly, but when she opens her mouth she can also negotiate the unnegotiatable, and she can also call the whole army into battle.
  • Nobody knows her age or where she comes from.
  • There are rumors that she is ancient;
  • On the wanderings of an uncharted places in The Forgotten area, she tamed eagle, and over time she found that she could talk, but very little, because it is a young, but the size of a full adult, with sharp claws and sharp beak and a deafening scream that tore ears.
  • The elf walks veiled in a black cloak and puts down only during negotiations and long speech, where you can see 3 scars on face, forehead, thick V and on the cheeks - shape V. Nobody knows why
  • She wears a huge shield on his back. It is said that it is not from this planet, that it is from a meteorite that she forged yourself

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