Rupert Heff Hobbit Wampir with Bat Ben


His origin is from The forgotten area, as a hobbit unknown area, he has lost his memory, he has no abilities of race thanks to the kroll's king

Age: Unknown

  • Living alone for centuries, serving the kroll´s king for the last century, who overthrew him and deprived him of everything of his vampire nature, and he has only an ancestral echo vision with suppression of the circumstances.
  • Excellent acrobat with incredible sharp teeth and claws.
  • He is uncontrollably hungry, but the kroll has made blood a deadly poison for him, where he falls asleep.
  • He has a bat, which he uses it to intimidate thanks to lantern alert, like the arrival of vampires.
  • Casual Hobbit look, only paler with visible teeth and claws
  • Animals have a deadly fear of him, he is a terrible hunter.
Rupert Heff
Rupert Heff

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