Hajek Majestif (Night elf, Hunter)


He comes from forest called Hedgehog, it is a land (No Man Land) without life. It is named according to its environment. Only stumps of trees, mostly black as charcoal.

These are mysterious night forest that are close to the volcano. These forest are eternally shrouded in smog and clouds, where light is rarely seen (sun), where there is almost eternal darkness.

Hajek comes from a small tribal settlement, where the fight against the skrets raged for many years, and as a result he was pushed into the world by the pressure of the war in search of earnings and gaining knowledge to fight the skrets, to return to his homeland.

He has enormous fears about the survival of his own family, he does not know at all what happened to them.

He is a silent hunter, he does not talk much, he only answers in a few words. He has an unsightly scar on the right side through the eye of a hunting bear and another scar on the palm of an arrow, in defense of his mother, after a war with skrets.

Character sheet

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