Thomas Cook (Experienced Gunslinger)


He comes from Mexo Metropolis

  • An elderly but experienced gunslinger, from a big city in the south of the country.
  • A gunslayer is wanted but also feared in his city.
  • His face is known far and wide.
  • He wears the buckle of a cattle company where he once worked.
  • He also has a sheriff's badge, its meaning and why he has it never told anybody.
  • He has a hidden secret that he tries to prove to the world.
  • He is wanted for the murder of his father and the assault of a hospital
  • He wanders around the world, looking for the truth of his past, which will constantly catch up with him.
  • He has a scar over his right eye, where he no longer has an eye he can't look at it, it reminds him of the old miserable times of battle
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook

Source: Damian Audino

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Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Story
Thomas Cook Story