Valur Wrangler (War veteran with Zer)


A strong and fearless soldier who through his deeds and participation in wars, secured a natural defense against intimidation and psychological coercion. He comes from an already unknown kingdom, defeated in a great war.

- He is the son of a farmer;

- War veteran of the Royal Raid Army;

- Mysterious tramp;

- His armor rumbles as he walks;

- Survivors of the War of the Kings;

- The body is full of scars, like the painting itself - is marked by wars, knowledge of struggle and war;

- He is a Bounty hunter, nowadays;

- Stubborn, unyielding to the rules - The Code is important to him;

- Devoted to serve the king and devoted to justice.

His faithful helper and animal friend will be assisted in his journey by a war horse (Zer), which will not leave him even in the worst of times. He is a perfect and brilliant fighter with the art of sword fighting.

Valur Wrangler
Valur Wrangler

Character sheet

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